Wednesday, August 17, 2016

After a 6 year (omg!) hiatus, the Escape Archivist is back!

I'm baaaaack! After my 6 year blogging intermission, I am back. And now broadcasting to you over the blogwaves from southern Sweden, Höganäs, to be exact.

After our adventures in La Paz, Bolivia, El Sueco and toddler M (now almost 8-year old M) have moved to El Sueco's homeland, Sweden in 2011. Since 2011, our family has grown and I now have 2 more M-lings. They are 4 years old. Yes, they are twins. So in the intervening years (I love when narrators say this in films, sounds so dramatic), I have given birth, become professionally fluent in Swedish, and have managed to get a job as a children's librarian at a lovely little public library in the area where we live. 'Tis a wonderful life!

Currently, I am sitting in my office and adding some newly received books to our library catalog. Later, I will have a shift at the reference desk (infodisken). I look forward to sharing insights on life in Sweden as a librarian.

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