Friday, August 27, 2010

Information, Información y más información

Where do I even start? My first week at the museum has been extremely eventful. The learning has been two-fold because I am trying to absorb the newness of my work environment, my project and integrating Spanish into a professional archival setting. I will not lie-it is tough. Though I am proficient in Spanish on a practical level, it is entirely something else when I have to turn it out daily at a professional, polished level. Writing a billingual finding aid is one of the toughest work tasks that I have ever done! I guess what is even more frustrating is that I understand and can read at an extremely high level (thanks to AP Spanish plus an advanced Spanish reading course during undergrad at NYU) but my speaking is not equal to my comprehension.

Nonetheless, I know that my Spanish continues to improve everyday and I know that being able to write well in a foreign language, particularly Spanish is an extremely useful skill. Upon return to the USA, I feel confident that I would be able to catalog and archive in this language.

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